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In-Game NameNone
Appears InApe Escape 3

Worn by Kei in his Miracle Ninja transformation. A stylized ninja costume.


  • Shirt: Sleeveless. Grey with brown and white detailing
  • Hakama: Tattsuke-style. Dark brown
  • Socks: Tabi-style. Dark brown
  • Sandals: Zōri-style. Dark orange with grey straps
  • Gloves: Fingerless. Dark brown
  • Knee Guards: Grey with orange and yellow detailing
  • Arm Guards: Grey with white detailing
  • Belt: Cloth. Red
  • Scarf: Floor-length. Orange
  • Mask: Dark brown
  • Goggles: Teal


  • Similar to the other transformations, this outfit is inspired from a particular film genre: Chanbara samurai period drama.
  • Noted on the concept art: the gold and orange portions of the leg protectors are intended to be metal.