Gold Leaf and Pearly Jade

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In-Game NameGold Leaf and Pearly Jade
Appears InGenshin Impact

Ningguang's main outfit. It is quite ornate reflecting her status as one of the leaders of Liyue. Similar to many of the outfits from Liyue, this outfit borrows elements from traditional Chinese fashion.


  • Dress: Gold, white
  • Gloves: Olive green
  • Hairpin: Olive green
  • Shoes: Heeled, olive green


"Ningguang's outfit. Intricate embroidery is the hallmark of this graceful dress."
Item Info Text
"That gorgeous phoenix sash, woven from gold thread... Then, that figure-hugging silk dress... And last but not least, that lace lingerie... Oh my..."
Baishi, Jade Chamber Secretary