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In-Game NameIcy Featherflight
Appears InGenshin Impact

Kaeya's main outfit.


  • Vest: Light blue
  • Jacket: Collared, 3/4 sleeves. White and purple with gold detailing
  • Jumpsuit: Purple and dark grey with gold detailing
  • Fur collar: White and and light blue
  • Cape: White and lilac
  • Belt: Brown with gold detailing. Turquoise gemstone accent
  • Boots: Black with gold and blue detailing
  • Gloves: Open fingers. Black with gold detailing. Open cutout with gold star detail on the backs of the hands.
  • Earring: Left side. Gold with turquoise gemstone accent
  • Eyepatch: Right Side. Black with gold detailing


"Kaeya's outfit. Fashionable clothes festooned with a fur collar."
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