Genshin Impact/Sugary Brew

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In-Game NameSugary Brew
Appears InGenshin Impact

Diona's main outfit. It is described as a work uniform for the Cat's Tail bar, but is still seemingly tailored specifically for her.


  • Shirt: Sleeveless, cropped. Indigo
  • Jacket: Detached sleeves. Pink and white with flower accents
  • Shorts: Indigo with brass detailing
  • Hat: Dark blue and orange
  • Pouch: Cat paw print shaped. Black with brass detailing
  • Boots: Cat paw styled with cat-ear accents. Indigo exterior with orange interior. Brass detailing
  • Scarf: Orange
  • Bridal Gauntlets: Indigo
  • Choker: White with "D" inscribed tag


"Diona's outfit. The work uniform of the Cat's Tail's star bartender."
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