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Welcome to Games Fashion Archive!

The minimum for contributing to this site is a username and wiki account. An email is not required, but is recommended if you ever need to recover your account.

You can create an account here: Special:CreateAccount

If you are having troubles creating an account or having troubles solving the captcha filter, please inquire at our community discord and we will help you out in whatever way we can.

VGFA Community Discord.

Using MediaWiki

The wiki portion of this site is powered by MediaWiki version 1.36.2. If you aren't familiar with MediaWiki or similar wiki software already, you should familiarize yourself with common tools and editing practices for it. You can find some helpful resources under the Editing section of the MediaWiki manual below:

Sandbox Pages

Every user account has access to a personal sandbox page. Feel free to use this to experiment with wiki content before submitting edits to the public facing wiki.

Assuming you are logged in, you can go directly to your sandbox page via this link here. You can also jump to your sandbox page at any time using the Sandbox link in the user menu at the top right corner of the site's navigation bar.

If you find yourself needing multiple sandbox pages, it is recommended you create them as subpages of the main sandbox page, then change the content of your main sandbox page to:


Which will give you your own table of contents for each sandbox subpage you have created.

VGFA Guidelines

Before you start editing pages, please take the time to go over our Editing Guidelines and learn the appropriate page layouts and templates necessary for contributing.