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Games Fashion Archive is a website dedicated to documenting fashion designs from the world of video games. Whether it be catchy styles or outlandish designs, games have a distinct genre of fashion that is hard to find anywhere else.

Here, you can find references for game character fashion in the form of descriptions, reference photos, and concept art. You can also visit our Interactive 3D Viewer to view 3D models of game character fashion for select items.

Want to Contribute?

Visit our Getting Started page.
Be sure to review our Editing Guidelines before contributing.


<translate> Release</translate> Games Fashion Archive Wiki full launch.
<translate> Maintenance update</translate> 3D Archive Update - NieR:Automata
<translate> Maintenance update</translate> 3D Archive Update - Xenoblade Chronicles 2
<translate> Maintenance update</translate> 3D Archive Update - Genshin Impact

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