Ape Escape 3/Fantasy Knight (Yumi)

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In-Game NameNone
Appears InApe Escape 3

Worn by Yumi in her Fantasy Knight transformation. In contrast to Kei, Yumi's Fantasy Knight is actually a wizard.


  • Robe: White-pink with gold detailing. White wing accents on the back.
  • Tunic: Purple
  • Belt: Brown
  • Shoes: Purple and white with gold and red detailing
  • Hat: Pointed. Purple with white detailing. Red plume accent
  • Tights: Black
  • Gloves: Black
  • Hair Ties: Gold


  • Similar to the other transformations, this outfit is inspired from a particular film genre: Medieval European Fantasy.
  • Noted on the concept art: The gold portions of this outfit are intended to be metal.