Genshin Impact/Armored Rose

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In-Game NameDunkelnacht Sakrament
Appears InGenshin Impact

Noelle's main outfit. It's design combines elements of both a maid outfit and a knight uniform.


  • Dress: Open back. Black and red with white trim and bronze detailing
  • Chest Plate: White and bronze
  • Apron: White with frilled edges
  • Gauntlets: Asymmetrical. White and bronze
  • Greaves: Thigh-high. White and bronze. Red ribbon accents
  • Maid Cap: White with bronze detailing. Red rose accents
  • Pauldron: Left-side. White and bronze with white detailing
  • Belt: Brown with bronze detailing
  • Tights: Brown
  • Hairpin: Shield design. Bronze


"Noelle's outfit. Heavy clothing made of durable velvet and metal plates."
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