Genshin Impact/Dunkelnacht Sakrament

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In-Game NameDunkelnacht Sakrament
Appears InGenshin Impact

Fischl's main outfit. It's name is German for 'Dark Night Sacrament'


  • Bodysuit: Black with fishnet mesh insets
  • Skirt: Black and purple with gold detailing
  • Sleeves: Asymmetrical, full length. Mauve with purple and black detailing
  • Boots: Black and gold. Bat wing detailing
  • Socks: Light blue
  • Choker Ribbon: Purple with gold detailing
  • Hair Ties: Black with gold and purple fasteners
  • Eye Patch: Left-side. Black with dark blue rose design
  • Tights: Asymmetrical. Full-length, thigh-high length. Mauve


"Fischl's outfit. The Prinzessin der Verurteilung's customary vestments during her sojourn upon this realm."
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