Genshin Impact/Executor's Thorns

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In-Game NameExecutor's Thorns
Appears InGenshin Impact

Rosaria's main outfit.


  • Bodysuit: Leotard-style. White and black with silver detailing. Garnet gemstone accent.
  • Skirt: Open sides. Black and red with gold detailing
  • Veil: Black and white with silver detailing. Dark red interior
  • Boots: Heeled. Black and red with gold detailing
  • Gloves: Full length. White with silver detailing
  • Tights: Fishnet. Mauve
  • Pendulum: Right-side. Black with silver detailing
  • Thighband: Left-side. Black with silver detailing


"Rosaria's outfit. Rosaria has heavily modified this particular Church of Favonius uniform."
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