Genshin Impact/Flowing Fate

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In-Game NameFlowing Fate
Appears InGenshin Impact

Mona's main outfit.


  • Bodysuit: Leotard-style. Purple with gold detailing. Mesh panel insets
  • Cape: Split tails, fur collar. Purple with gold detailing. Dark red interior
  • Hat: Wide-brim, pointed. Purple with gold detailing. Sun/moon crest and ribbon accents
  • Shoes: Asymmetrical, heeled, slip-on. Gold with garnet gemstone accents
  • Sleeves: Purple and blue with gold detailing. Dark red interior
  • Gloves: Black
  • Thigh-band: Right-side, sun/moon crest. Gold and red
  • Tights: Asymmetrical. Star-print detailing. Brown with purple shading


"Mona's outfit. A light astrologist's outfit that does away with superfluous fabric to provide top quality at an affordable price."
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