Genshin Impact/Purple Rose

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In-Game NamePurple Rose
Appears InGenshin Impact

Lisa's main outfit.


  • Dress: Side slits, detached sleeves. Violet, black, and white with gold detailing.
  • Gloves: Black and purple with gold detailing. Purple Gemstone accent.
  • Hat: Pointed, wide-brim. Violet with black and white detailing. Belt accent with rose adornment. Lantern accent on point
  • Capelet: Split tails. Violet with gold detailing
  • Shoes: Heeled, slip-on. Black with gold detailing
  • Belt: Black with gold detailing. Gold rose accent
  • Anklets: Silver and gold with purple gemstone accents
  • Tights: Thigh-high Grey
  • Underwear: Grey with black detailing. Diamond trim accents


"Lisa's outfit. A slim-fit dress adorned with roses that displays a young lady's elegance."
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