Genshin Impact/Sea Breeze Dandelion

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In-Game NameSea Breeze Dandelion
Appears InGenshin Impact

An alternative summer themed outfit for Jean. The outfit is available exclusively through the in-game store.


  • Shorts: White. Flower patterned
  • Top: Sky-blue. Clear mesh back with flower detailing
  • Tail-skirt: Sky-blue with flower detailing
  • Belt: Dark blue with chain and flower accents
  • Sleeves: Detached. Light blue with bow and ruffle detailing
  • Sandals: Heeled with ribbon ankle straps. Sky-blue
  • Hair ribbon: Light and dark blue
  • Wristband: Dark blue with light blue rose accent
  • Thighband: Dark blue with light blue rose accent


"Jean's summer wear. Light and cool, but no less elegant for it. The perfect choice for a trip to the seaside."
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