Genshin Impact/Shooting Spark

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In-Game NameShooting Spark
Appears InGenshin Impact

Klee's main outfit


  • Sweater Jacket: Hooded. Red, brown, and white with gold detailing. Clover print design
  • Shorts: White with trim detailing
  • Scarf: Tan with red detailing.
  • Messanger Cap: Red with gold detailing. Includes a clover print badge with feather accent
  • Boots: Brown and dark brown. Flower accent
  • Socks: White
  • Backpack: Brown with gold detailing
  • Keychain: Gold with green clover accent


"Klee's outfit. A set of clothing for an energetic child that even comes with a matching leather backpack."
Item Info Text


  • Klee's keychain plushie is named Dodoco and was given to her by her mother Alice.