Genshin Impact/Wavecrest Waltz

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In-Game NameWavecrest Waltz
Appears InGenshin Impact

Eula's main outfit.


  • Jacket: Bell sleeves. Black, white and blue
  • Bodysuit: Biker-style. Black with mesh detailing
  • Boots: Thigh-high, heeled. Black and blue with silver detailing
  • Gloves: Black and blue with silver detailing
  • Necktie: Blue with gold detailing. Blue gemstone accent.
  • Cape: 3 layers. White, dark-blue, and light blue. Snowflake patterned.
  • Hairpin: Silver and black with white and dark-blue ribbons.


"Eula's outfit. Consummate elegance shines through in this neat and smart knight's uniform."
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